Can I Use I.  Enjoy!


Table of Contents:

What If I Don’t Understand My Assignment?

What Should I Write About?

How Is College Writing Different?

What Makes a Good Research Question?

I Hate My Composition Teacher. Can I Switch Sections?

Where Do I start My Research?

What Sources Are Allowed in a Research Paper?

Why Do We Read Each Other’s Drafts?

What Do I Say about Someone Else’s Draft?

When Should I Quote and When Should I Paraphrase?

Can I Use “I”?

How Do I Get Over Writer’s Block?

Should I quote the Dictionary?

How Do I Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

How Do I Write an Introduction?

How Can I Make My Paper Flow?

How Do I Outline My Paper?

How Can I Make My Paper Stand Out from the Pile?

How Do I Avoid Being Caught Plagiarizing?

I Keep Getting B’s on My Papers. How DO I get an A?

How Do I Back Up My Argument with Sources?

How Do I Make My Paper Longer?

“He or She” or “They”?

How Do I Answer the “So What” Question?

How Do I Edit My Paper?

How Do I Use a Semicolon?

Should I Avoid Contractions and Passive Voice?

My Instructor Told Me to Revise my Paper. Why?

How Do I Know When I’m Done?

What If Writing Never Gets Easier?